2 Discs Holder

Discs reversible and variable elements; Hubs and disc holder made of forged steel and have adjustable taper roller bearings; Diameter of discs : 610 mm smooth; Working width : 1.55 m; Required Power : 60 CV.


The roller have a diameter of 480mm; They have cast iron bearings and the sections are refillable with water Models # of Elements Working Width (m) Weight (kg) HP (CV) ROUL1E 1 3 1000 40 ROUL3E 3 5 1700 65  

Labor Discs

With the strength of more than 40 years of experience in making discs for harrows and ploughs, LES ATELIERS MAROCAINS, the largest manufacturer in North Africa, goes to satisfy all needs of discs users, providing discs with diameters from 18″ to 28″. Our long experience allows us to offer a product of the most premium…