Strong after an experience of more than 70 years in the production of agricultural materials, agrarian trailers, water tanks, labor discs and cement mixers, LES ATELIERS MAROCAINS are ready and prepared to satisfy all of your industrial needs, in both quality and quantity. Our years of experience have allowed us to offer products of superior quality due to our excellent technical aptitude and human resources, both of which have helped our brand to excel in Morocco and in the region.

The company was created in 1947 by a group of French industrials, and started off with the production of tools designed to be drawn by animals, tools that remain part of our product catalog to this very day.

At the time of the company’s conception, the economic and legal system in Morocco were not favorable and were not conducive to the growth of the industry

However, with the perseverance and tenacity of the company leaders, the first tools began development, in small scope that would incrementally progress to the large scale it is at today.

Following the early difficulties, the company followed a straightforward trajectory towards success, and encountered several transitory phases, such as the expansions of the different factories as well as the augmentation of the available capital at hand. Without a doubt, the largest turning point of our company happened in the 1980s, with the advent of a new team of ambitious directors, which set into accord the following 4 directives that would become the mission of the ATMAR brand:

  • The development and training of staff and workers
  • The modernization of methods and means of production
  • The amelioration of quality in products
  • The conception of new products